Drain Back Solar Water Heater ISWH DB


The drain back solar water heater is a self-draining individual solar water heater with a special control station and an intermediate tank.

To avoid overheating in summer or freezing in winter, the circuit located outside the building drains when the pump stops. The heat transfer fluid then falls by gravity and is stored in the heat exchanger.

The air contained in the circuit then rises in the collectors and the external piping.
This solar water heating system does not require maintenance.

It is suitable for all regions of Europe.

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Additional information

Set’s detail :

• Tank with enamelled steel cylinder, single or double exchanger according to reference with remote DB station and equipped with a circulator and a regulator

Solar collector(s)

Single way solar station (include : regulation, circulator, filling valves, flowmeter, mano-valve, flow thermometer)

Recovery bottle

Security group

Ready-to-use heat transfer liquid (glycoled water) (-25°C)

It is necessary to add the supports corresponding to the configuration of the installation,
the resistance, the mixing valve and the two-pipe connection.
(see technical data sheets and price list)







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