“LE CUBE” DHW modular storage tank BHX-500


The BHX500 modular tanks are specially designed for forced installations with their rectangular shape.

They are made of 316L stainless steel and can be installed horizontally on the floor. They can be stacked up to 3 levels with a total capacity of 3000 liters, allowing the volume to be modulated in increments of 500 liters.

Their shape and size (less than 70 cm wide) make them particularly suitable for renovation and limited spaces.

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A customized study will be provided by our engineering office for each product.

Additional information

– 316L stainless steel hot water storage tank without a heat exchanger
– Injected rigid polyurethane insulation, minimum thickness 45 mm, pre-lacquered steel finish
– Optional electric backup
– Exterior cladding with M0 fire rating
– 10 years warranty, electric part 2 years warranty

* Sanitary water in compliance with French sanitary regulations particularly DTU 60.1


technical specifications of modular solar sanitory hot water solar storage tank BHX-500




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