Solar collectors – D12c range


Syrius C2000 solar thermal collectors series represents the core of the SYRIUS SOLAR INDUSTRY product range.

C2000 was the result of a solid industrial partnership, manufactured at SYRIUS SOLAR INDUSTRY four production sites, designed to be light in weight nonetheless robust mechanically to serve efficiently and effectively multiple applications whether individual or collective.

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A customized study will be provided by our engineering office for each product.

Additional information

The sensors are designed for a wide range of applications and operating conditions
conditions of use:
• Vertical mode use for : ISWH, SECS, collective use, thermosiphon
• High insulation of 40 mm of rock wool: use in Europe
• High resistance to snow and wind loads (zone 5) : use at high altitudes
• Hydraulic circuit allowing the Functioning in forced circulation and thermosiphon






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