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Individual Solar Water Heater (ISWH)

Individual solar water heating systems are designed for private individuals for their own domestic hot water production. Depending on the region, an ISWH can cover up to 60% to 100% of hot water needs through solar energy.

Collective solar water heater

Collective solar water heating systems are designed for residential buildings, hotels, as well as industrial and agricultural applications.

Components & Accessories

Syrius Solar Industry offers a range of quality components and accessories to its professional clients: solar collectors, water heater, controllers and pump stations, circulation pumps, safety devices, and all necessary equipment for the installations.

A reference in thermal solar

Syrius Solar Industry effectively combines 30 years of experience in solar energy with the dynamism of a growing company.

Active on 4 continents, Syrius Solar Industry benefits from a global presence combined with a strong local footprint with its subsidiaries in Reunion Island, New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, Morocco, Martinique and Spain on the one hand, and its distributors network on the other.
Syrius Solar Industry has specialized engineers in renewable energy and offers high quality products in order to provide you with the best value solutions whether you are an individual or a professional.

Expert manufacturer

Syrius Solar Industry designs and produces solar water heaters through 4 production sites, based in France, Reunion Island, New Caledonia and Martinique. We use quality materials and the best technology available today in the solar thermal world. Syrius Solar Industry integrates strict quality control into its manufacturing processes as witnessed by the SolarKeymark certification and 10 or 20 years guarantee on its products.


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