Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater TS Eco


The solar water heater thermosiphon is composed of one or more solar collectors and a hot water tank positioned horizontally, above the collectors, on the roof.

The thermosiphon system doesn’t need regulation or pump. The circulation of water is carried out alone, by thermosiphon system: hot water, lighter, rises and is stored in the horizontal tank. Cold water, heavier, goes down at the bottom of the tank and of the collector.

This solar water heater system is ideal for tropical or southern Europe.

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Additional information

Set’s detail :

• Tank with enamelled steel, stainless steel outlets
• Solar collector(s)
• Tank / collectors connection kits (Cu)
• Sheet metal roof support made of Magnelis® steel and stainless steel screws
(additional terrace support optional)
• Security group
• Fittings and joints






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