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Individual Solar Water Heater


By using the solar water heater, you make the choice of sustainable energy, because the solar resources are unlimited and free.

The manufacturing and use of a solar water heater generate very little waste and greenhouse gas. It’s a clean and renewable energy.


An Individual Solar Water Heater (I.S.W.H.) captures solar energy to provide domestic hot water production in part or in full.

It allows to complementing or replacing the domestic hot water production and / or the heating system.

Cost savings

The solar water heater can reduce the hot water bill and cover up to 50%- 75% of hot water needs of a family in mainland France and up to 100% overseas.


Choice by climate

There are several types of solar water heaters, adapted to different geographical areas and / or climates.
You will find below our products according to your climate.

Hot / Tropical climate

You live in Overseas Departments & Territories or inter-tropical area, choose a thermosiphon I.S.W.H. It works in direct circuit (domestic water passes through collectors), so without antifreeze circuit.

Optionally, they can be equipped with an extra resistance (soapstone), and / or with a tubular heat exchanger (for very dirty water or for areas with risk of frost).

The ISWH are proposed in differents colors, to best match the roof color.

Set details:

  • Tank
  • Solar collector(s)
  • Tank / collectors connection kits (Cu)
  • Sheet metal roof support
  • Security group
  • Fittings and joints
  • Electric backup (optional)
  • Solar thermostatic mixer (optional)

ISWH for European / Mild climate

You live in mild climate area, choose a standard individual solar water heater (I.S.W.H.), in pressurized circuit or a self-draining type « Drain Back ».

Set details:

  • Solar collector(s)
  • Sheet metal roof support (optional)
  • Tank
  • Pump stations (pre-connected rise, according to the models)
  • Expansion vessel and its support (connected to the tank, according to the models)
  • Electric backup (optional)
  • Solar liquid ready to use (-25 ° C)
  • Security group
  • Thermostatic mixer (optional)

Solar Energy Combined System

A solar energy combined system produces hot water from the sun for space heating and domestic hot water.

In the systems proposed by SYRIUS, the storage tank is a “tank in tank” type: the domestic hot water tank is inside the storage tank for the space heating water. The solar collectors heat the main tank with the exchanger. The domestic hot water storage tank will be heated and kept at a constant temperature in the main storage tank.

The system is composed with a regulator which control solar pump and the space heating pumps. Back-up energy can be provided by a back-up boiler (gas, oil, wood), a heat pump or an electric element.

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