21 December 2018

Extract from the article published in MadeIn

French solar water heater manufacturer Syrius Solar Industry has expanded its network of distributors by opening a subsidiary in the country that assembles and manufactures collectors in its workshop.

Created in February 2017, Syrius Solar Industry subsidiary really started its activity in September 2017 after testing the market at fairs and exhibitions. Now, it offers solar components for sale (tanks, balloons, plumbing accessories, etc.) intended for a professional market essentially composed of plumbers. But it also targets private individuals (supply and installation), who currently represent 80% of its business. “We offer them a range of solar water heaters that operate in a direct circuit (the water circulates in the collectors), mainly thermosiphons,” says director Laurent Fischer.

Stock to be reactive

The tanks are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion. It can hold 200 to 300 liters (individuals) and up to 5,000 liters (groups). The collectors are assembled and manufactured in the region. Specialising in 2m² collectors, the company also designs 2.5 m² panels on request only. “Local production allows us to have a large stock of solar water heaters and to be able to respond quickly to any request,” explains Laurent Fischer.

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