Syrius, The Other Solar Thermic Star

6 May 2018

Extract from the article published on the Tecsol blog

Based in Lavérune, nearby Montpellier in France, Syrius was founded in 2013. The firm wich is chaired by Thierry Demaret, a former Giordano employee, is making a name for itself in the solar thermic market, which is currently almost exclusively aimed at the French overseas departments and territories.

Since 2017, Syrius has been gradually integrating the solar panels in-house’s manufacture. Before developing it further in a new 1,200 m² workshop expected in June 2019. Still in Lavérune…

Is Occitania becoming the flagship region of French solar thermic industry? We are entitled to ask the question. We have already mentioned in our pages the achievements of the company HelioFrance in Bérat on Toulouse’s suburb, a new entrant in this sector of activity.

Syrius’ market looks abroad

On our radar, we missed Syrius’company based in Lavérune, Montpellier’suburb, another star that shines in the firmament of the Occitan solar thermal industry. Founded in 2013, Syrius Solar Industry is chaired by Thierry Demaret, formerly of Giordano, who has been working in the solar industry for nearly twenty-five years. The man knows this market and its complexities perfectly, particularly overseas ones where tax exemption offers great opportunities and good outlets.

Syrius achieves most of its turnover in the islands (4.8 million euros in 2017 and 7 million expected in 2018). “In these sunny islands, solar thermal with thermosiphon technology products represents a particularly dynamic natural market, whether for individuals or professionals for collective housing. This market is growing strongly. We are also quite supported by EDF’s policy in the French overseas departments and territories, which encourages solar water heaters to limit the sale of electricity during the evening peak while recovering the Energy Savings Certificates (EEC),” says Thierry Demaret.

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