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Syrius Solar Industry offers all the necessary equipments for installation.


Syrius Solar proposes collectors adapted to different configurations:

Collectors for ISWH or multi-unit building, forced circulation and thermosiphon (harp circulation)

Absorbers laser welded

The collectors’ absorbers are made of aluminum treated with a selective coating (Alanod) and copper tubes are laser welded to the back of the absorber. This technological process of high precision are achieved by our industrials partners in Europe.

Collector Supports

Syrius Solar Industry produces collector supports in Magnelis® steel. They are adapted for all configurations.


Syrius Solar Industry proposes 4 ranges of tanks adapted to different configurations:

A wide range of enameled water heaters providing domestic hot water. Selection of vertical and horizontal models that easily fit in narrow and limited spaces, as well as versions specified for water heating through alternative energy sources, with one exchanger (W) or two exchangers (WW).

Buffer tanks for heating systems with instantaneous sanitary water production. 
Without exchanger, with one exchanger (W) or two exchangers (WW).
Equipped with a 316L stainless steel exchanger

Combined storage tanks for heating systems and domestic hot water – tank in tank
Without exchanger, with one exchanger (W) or two exchangers (WW).

Solar controllers and pump stations

Syrius Solar Industry proposes the solar controllers and pump stations of the RESOL brand.

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