Syrius Solar Industry fournit l’ensemble des composants nécessaires à la réalisation d’une installation de production d’eau chaude solaire complète : capteurs, supports, ballons, stations solaires… 


Whether you are in the DROM-COM, in an inter-tropical zone or in a temperate climate zone, Syrius offers different types of individual solar water heaters (CESI) intended to supply partially or totally domestic hot water and/or heating for your household. This type of heating considerably reduces the hot water bill and covers 50% to 80% of a family’s hot water needs in mainland France and up to 100% overseas. 

Collective solar hot water production installations are frequently being used in tropical climates and are also becoming popular in temperate climates for various applications: apartment buildings, hospital, hotels, industrial or agricultural applications. This type of equipment must first be the subject of an in-depth study by a design office for the sizing and design of the installation, resulting in precise specifications to which Syrius responds with customised solutions.