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Le Patio 34 (34, France)

Le Patio 34, which has 5 guest rooms and 4 lodging, wanted to renovate its hot water production system for the supply of the bathrooms (9 rooms) and the kitchen. It was equipped with a SYRIUS centralised solar water heating system.


Installer : Pro-thermic in Sète (34, France)
Site supervision and assistance: Syrius Solar Industry


Location: Metropolitan area of Montpellier

Number of rooms: 9

Kitchen: 1

Type of installation: solar thermal, split type with back-up
separate (500L and 200L storage)

Average annual consumption: 500 L/day at 60° CNumber of solar collectors: 7, installed in parallel on a tiled roof

Panneaux solaires installés sur un toit en tuile Syrius Solar
Chauffe-eau solaire collectif hôtels et gîtes