Combined storage tank BVK-WW 600 to 2000 «tank in tank» type – Double heat exchanger


The storage tanks proposed by Syrius are a «tank in tank» type. The domestic hot water tank is inside the storage tank for the space heating water. They can be delivered, without heat exchanger or with one or two heat exchangers.

These tanks are used for Solar Energy Combined Systems (SECS), combining the production of domestic hot water and heating.

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Información adicional

– Storage tank «tank in tank» with two heat exchangers
– Sanitary hot water tank* in enamelled steel
– Tank enamelling inside treatment according to DIN 4753-3 and UNI 10025
Protection by magnesium anode
– Polyester fiber insulation 100 mm thick, zipped PVC cover finish
– Electric back-up on 11⁄2 connection at mid-height
– External casing classified as standard M1 fire
– M0 on request
– 5 years warranty, electric part 2 years warranty
* Sanitary water meeting the French standard according to decree N° 89-3 of 03/01/89





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