Individual Solar Water Heater – ISWH


The individual solar water heater consists of one or more collectors, a storage tank and a regulation.

The number of the collectors depends on the geographical area and the number of people living in the home.

The storage tank can be supplied with back-up energy through an electric resistance, a heat pump or other boilers (gas, oil, wood).

The individual solar water heater can reduce your domestic hot water bill by 50 to 80% !

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Información adicional

Set’s detail :

– Storage tank in enamelled steel, single or double heat exchanger according to reference
– Solar collector(s)
– 2-Way solar pump unit (includes: regulation, circulator, filling valves, degasser, flow meter, pressure gauge, flow and return thermometers)
– Expansion tank with support and connection Security group
– Ready-to-use heat transfer liquid (-25°C)
Solar pump unit and expansion tank supplied mounted on the tank.
The corresponding brackets must be added for the configuration of the installation. (see page 35 and price list)



Technical specification of ISWH, Individual Solar Water Heater




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