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Collective solar water heating

Collective solar water heating systems are designed for residential buildings, hotels, as well as industrial and agricultural applications. They are frequently used in areas with a tropical climate and more and more in mild climate areas.
This type of equipment must be subject to an in-depth study by a technical Engineering office for the sizing and design of the installation leading to a detailed specification to which Syrius responds with tailor-made solutions.
Syrius can accompany its customers from the pre-project phase, to identify all needs.

Multi-unit building

Collective hot water systems are frequently used in the construction of residential buildings, as they allow to meet requirements of the law RT 2012.

In the case of building with independent apartments, storage can be individualized.
Thus, each apartment has its own hot water tank, using water from its own meter, and managing directly the electric boost based on its own consumption.

Tertiary sector

Collective hot water systems are frequently used in the tertiary sector, especially for: hotel, sports complex, health institution, industrial and agricultural application.

Our technical design office proposes to the customers tailor-made solutions in order to match the project needs. In this case, the collectors and the storage are centralized, with internal or external exchangers.

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